Focus Industries

At TAICON, our innovative, cutting-edge solutions are tailored to the specific needs of several key industries. Get specialized assistance with engineering, construction, network infrastructure, and more.

Industries Served

Ready to unlock the competitive advantage of specialized, industry-specific solutions? We’re equipped to help clients in the following sectors innovate and succeed:


Public sector works are funded by the taxpayer, adding an extra level of complexity to the project. We understand that and can help federal, state, county, and local governments successfully execute projects without running up the cost.

Commercial Buildings

From high-rise office towers and apartments to single-floor units and college campuses, our team has experience managing construction, IT, and AV projects for a wide variety of office buildings and other commercial clients.

Medical & Biotechnology

The medical sector is constantly innovating in the lab. At TAICON, we want to extend that to other areas, and currently provide our services to hospitals, clinics & labs, as well as a variety of other healthcare-related business.

Technology Sector

From campuses and high-rise towers to state-of-the-art data centers, the TAICON team provides tech-sector businesses with the cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions needed to generate sustainable success.

Retail Businesses

With a wide range of services for everything from restaurants and malls to automotive dealerships and spas, we provide retail businesses with CCTV surveillance, AV installation, smart inventory management, analytics, and more.

Banking & Finance

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the trading floor or a retail banking operation – the finance sector thrives on innovation. At TAICON, we handle trading turret solutions, conference room build-outs, video display walls, and everything in-between.


Need help with your manufacturing & distribution business? You’ve come to the right place. Our industry experts handle everything, including assembly & production line optimization, fabrication, warehousing, storage, and shipping.


Education these days relies heavily on technology in general and the internet in particular, making network infrastructure more important than ever. We provide expert solutions to schools of all levels, from K-12 to post-secondary.

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